In 2014 we couldn’t stop playing. From the bangers that made the world dance, to ballads that captured a moment – let’s look back, celebrate, and then play it forward.

This project was done to present myself. But it is not just an portfolio with my projects, information about me and so on, but also an attempt to encourage people to write more messages by hand.

The Garment District Journal is a biannual publication that features a collection of writing, photography, and artwork by a group of friends and family of Nepenthes America, Inc. The first issue includes an interview with Jeremy Lewis of Garmento, a new editorial series by JIMA, a look-back essay of New York’s Level Plane Records, an […]


Amelie is a theme designed to be used for creative purposes, that being design, photography, architecture, art and everything that needs a cool protfolio showcase. Theme has three main skins: white, gray, black and a big header where every logo can fit properly and also look good.


Holiday was designed and developed to be used for the business niche of hotels, motels, resorts or something simmilar to that. It’s main idea is to present your accomodation, your services and give the ability to your visitors to book them.

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